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“Welcome to a world of solutions ---- without boundaries!”

Elevator Consulting and Design - (ECandD) and our staff of experienced consultants provide our clients with cost effective solutions to all types of elevator related issues.

“We Know Elevators --- From the Pit to the Penthouse”

ECandD professionals possess a wide range of elevator and escalator expertise. Our vast industry experience ranges from that of an entry-level elevator technician, project manager, technical support engineer, sales representative, branch manager, to corporate vice president. All of this expertise is available to you and your next project at reasonable rates. Our fees are recovered through the savings our inputs enable the project to attain.

“Freedom of Choice”

Our client-oriented and performance-based elevator maintenance and modernization specifications allow the client freedom to select elevator designs which are serviceable by local as well as national elevator service providers and avoid the pitfalls inherent in “sole source” and proprietary installations.

“What is ECandD”

D. Hanie Lancaster, elevator industry pioneer with over forty years experience in the US and abroad, founded Elevator Consulting and Design in October 2000. ECandD is a small business enterprise providing elevator consulting services and support to architects, developers, building owners and managers, contractors, and governmental agencies.

“How We Can Assist You”

ECandD specializes in vertical and horizontal transportation consulting and design. We can help you in all stages of your elevator project.

“Existing/Renovation Properties:”

Fees for maintenance evaluations, specifications, modernization, and due diligence are quoted on a “per project” or “per unit” basis depending on the complexity of the project, client requirements, and the number of units.

  •     Maintenance Specifications

Our client-oriented and performance-based maintenance specifications eliminate such vague frequency of service intervals as; regularly, frequently, periodically, systematically, or as often as we determine. ECandD “Maintenance Specifications” require maintenance tasks be performed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. We help property owners and managers monitor their maintenance contracts by providing the tools to measure the elevator contractor’s work.

  • Elevator Maintenance Evaluation Audits

“Elevator Maintenance Evaluation Audits” reduce the risk associated with improperly maintained equipment and redirects your service providers focus toward preserving the safe-reliable life of the equipment. A free 90-day follow-up review of the deficiencies corrected and final “punch list” is included.

  • Modernization/Renovation Projects

* Evaluation surveys
* Design development
* Existing code compliant review
* Client-oriented and performance-based specifications
* Walk-thru
* Bid documents
* Bid review and spreadsheet
* Final negotiations
* Award
* Project Management Services.
  • Due Diligence Evaluation (REIT - Purchase/Sell of Buildings)

* Appraisal of condition of elevator and escalator equipment
* Prepare detailed report on associated cost to rectify any deficiencies.
* Code compliance review.
* Review of existing elevator maintenance contract to determine who is                 responsible for corrective action.
  • Expert Witness (Quoted on an hourly or daily rate)

* Conduct field investigation
* Review contract documents and research data in order to develop legal            opinion.
* Provide depositions and attend court session for plaintiff and defense cases.
* Provide necessary documentation regarding vertical transportation                     equipment to determine if claims against insurance company policy are              legitimate.

“New/Planned Properties:”   

Fees are structured on a “per project” basis depending on the size and complexity of the project. Fees may range from one to seven percent of the vertical

  • New Construction

* Analyzing the vertical transportation requirements of the project.
* Summarizing the design criteria in order to select an optimal system.
* Design assistance with cabs, entrances, fixtures, remote and central                  monitoring.
* Projects cost estimates and timetables.
* Drawing review to improve building efficiency.
* Outline and final specifications, bid documents.
* Installation supervision, review of shop drawings for specification compliance.
* Construction conferences, regular jobsite visits, work in progress evaluation,    progress payment evaluation approval. (Materials on site/work in place)
* Final acceptance review and deficiency “punch list” submittal. Secure from       the installer all the necessary diagnostic tools and technical materials and         manuals required for the buildings future maintenance requirements

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