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To allow Credit Card payment for services we require you have a Google Checkout account.  This provides you protection because we never store or retain your credit card information.  It provides you convenience because invoicing can be paperless.  We provide a simple email invoice, you click on a link that provides authorization for the charge and that is all it takes.

You can create the Google Checkout account directly yourself or we will help you do it. It takes only minutes, has no cost and it is good till canceled.  Once your private account is established, invoice payments can be made without re-entry of credit card data, keeping you information more secure.
To create a NEW Google Checkout account yourself - CLICK HERE
To have us help you call one of the phone numbers shown in the left column.
  • Once the your private account is created you can pay by credit card.
  • When you receive our email invoice, simply make a one-click response that authorizes the charge to be made - NO re-entry of credit card data is required.
  • NOTE, if you have an existing Google CHECKOUT account you can use that.  We will simple charge the credit card associated with that account.
The following processes can only be performed by authorized ECandD personnel.
CLICK HERE to issue an email requesting credit card payment for an invoice.
CLICK HERE to check status and/or authorize previously sent payment requests.